A platform for high
user engagement

Automated Marketing

Connect with customers through social sign-ups and engage with them in Facebook Messenger. We use machine learning to match the right users with the right content.

Higher user engagement with Zummy's solution for Messenger

Features to signup your visitors and make them engage with your content through intriguing messages. The perfect tool for subscriber optimization, content marketing, native advertisement and many forms of customer interaction.

Direct Marketing Bots

Direct Marketing via Facebook Messenger many times better than e-mail. Engagement via Messaging Apps gives much higher user engagement than e-mail.

Benefits of the The Zummy solution

  • High customer engagement

  • High conversion

  • Automated solution

Quick and easy set up

Once your Bot is approved by Facebook the deployment is done within a couple of hours.

With KPIs an e-mail marketer only can dream of

  • High Conversion Rate for Signups
    5-10x higher compared to e-mail

  • High Open Rate
    4-5 x higher compared to e-mail

  • High Click Through Rate
    3-5 higher compared to e-mail

  • Increased traffic to site
    Between 10%-20% extra traffic


Messaging Apps is now the preferred media in digital communication. Expand your sales and customer service capabilities using bots and live chat.Chatbot driven customer engagement via our Artificial Intelligence engine liberates your resources to do other tasks.

Grow your business using our Artificial Intelligence driven Chatbots.

  • Our AI understands and answers user requests, through the use of our natural language processing.

  • Support for many different languages.

  • We have APIs for seamless integration with your backend systems and other services.

  • Our solution provides you the flexibility to act on customized triggers, meeting your requirements.

  • Tools for seamless handover from the Chatbot to a human colleague, including a summary of the chat.

Benefits of our Chatbot Solution

  • Increased efficiency

  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction

  • Availability 24/7

  • Fast response time

Quick and easy set up

Once your Bot is approved by Facebook the deployment is done within a couple of hours.

Connect Your Users

A platform feature to enable a Social Media Signup on your site, displaying an overlay that invites your users to connect their social media account to your site for a personalized experience.

This gives you a rapid growth in new subscribers, enabling you to start communicating with the users through Facebook Messenger as well as to harness relevant demographic data from social media about your users.


Engage Your Users

Features that allows you to schedule and broadcast direct messages, messages created by our personalization machine learning algorithms (Zummy Customer Insight Engine) or native advertisements to your connected users. Through our dashboard view you get to schedule, select or compose intriguing messages sent via Facebook Messenger.

Users open, click and engage on your content through the messages in high numbers, effectively giving your Information Bot outstanding reach.


Control Your Data

Configure and view your user growth and the user data you harness through the signup inviter, enabling you to analyze your audience and their key demographics and attributes. The intuitive dashboard gives real time KPIs and views for creating and sending your market messages to your connected users.


Dashboard for insight and composing your messages


Customer feedback on using the solution

“Zummy Information Bot for Messenger is a great content marketing tool. Every day at 8PM three news articles and sometimes a native advertisement is automatically sent out by the Zummy solution. We experience amazing KPIs, which tells us that our readers are happy.”
Magnus Moum-Olsen
Magnus Moum-Olsen
Digital Market Manager/Head of Programmatic at Hegnar Media AS - Hegnar.no
"Hippson want to create as many contact points as possible with our readers. Zummy's solution for us, in a Facebook Messenger Bot, has proven to be one of the most effective ways getting relevant traffic to our site."
Johan Sjögren
Johan Sjögren, CEO

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