Case: Hotel

Using the Zummy Actionable Bot for Hotels allows the Hotel to have a large share of their customers checking in signed up on their bot on Messenger, and as the guest sign in at the hotel, the bot transforms dynamically to a specific hotel bot, with different promotion and suggestions from the hotel.

In addition, the bot gives access to more customer data, allowing for the hotel to tailor and customize the communication.


Client: Hotel

Site: Hotel

The Challenge:

  • Lack of user data due to many bookings from booking sites.
  • Need for a new direct marketing channel for lead generation.
  • Need for a promotion channel for hotel services to guests

The Solution: The Zummy actionable bot in conjunction with the QR barcode functionality give the hotel access to customer data and a promotion channel for lead generation as well as a hotel promotion channel.

Features: Zummy actionable bot, Social SignUp, QR barcode signup, Broad cast messages and Scheduled Messages.

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